Past Conferences

12th ISOLA Annual Conference Goa 2017

Challenges: Mitigation: Adaptation

Recent research across the world established that climate change is the most serious global environmental challenge today. It has been projected that changes in natural cycles will severely affect socio-economic and environmental textures at global as well as regional levels. Changes in rainfall patterns will severely impact agriculture and water resources. Assessments carried out by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted that countries mostly affected by climate change would be agrarian-dominated, eco-sensitive economies.

In the INDIAN context, the strive for sustainable development is confronted by challenges from the rising global threat of climate change. Extreme climate events are becoming more frequent and cause widespread impact to both natural and human systems. The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) states ....

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10th ISOLA Annual Conference Pune 2015

Wisdom, Values and Landscape Architecture: Towards Smart Cities

Poised to emerge as one of the global powers of the 21st century, India targets to make its cities 'Smart'. There is widespread international interest in the concept of smart cities- apart from the agenda of sustainability and energy conscious design, a Landscape Architectural approach is probably central to the success of their physical and social environment. The changing relationship of man and environment is the evidence of the change in human values. Traditional cities, governed by socio cultural values and wisdom were self-sustainable and rendered qualitative experience to the people.

The modern city emerged with its unprecedented pace of growth and spread- and resultant blight. The focus gradually shifted from quality to quantity making the city ugly and increasingly detached from its people. With the modern city in the background the society looks forward to a 'livable city'. One look at many cities today and it seems that our wisdom of making cities, the values we read from it and the urban landscape are seriously compromised. Firmly rooted in the best of traditional values that are relevant and the 'smart' aspirations of a better tomorrow, our cities and towns pose a challenge to create inherently beautiful environments: 'beautiful' in the comprehensive sense of the word: beauty-inherent or within; and visual or without. The 10th Conference of ISOLA had aim to bring into discussion the human values, their effect on urban landscape architecture and the wisdom involved in re-establishing the inseparable connection between them. The conference emerged with an agenda for landscape of the cities in future.

The Sub Themes of the Conference were:

The City Today Cities today - The Uncomfortable City Changing Values, globalisation & Landscape Architecture -how we have got used to the idea that the City is a Puzzle, and the burden of its solution lies with its users, not its makers. Safety, Social division and conflict, inequitable access to urban space, the loss of cultural space and other disconnects.

The City Yesterday - The Traditional City as it was - Of traditional knowledge and a wholesome past. The inseparable connection between aesthetics and everyday life A city that belonged: of me and mine. The home town, context & belonging.

The City Tomorrow - The Modern City and the Twentieth Century, paradoxes of planning and how we walked away from wisdom Development outstrips planning: Landscape at the margins Incorrect Prescription, Irrelevant Solutions Smart City, Beautiful City: The City in the matrix of landscape architecture.


9th ISOLA Annual Conference Delhi 2014

A Sense Of Place

“Genius loci cannot be designed to order. It has to evolve, to be allowed to happen, to grow and change from the direct efforts of those who live and work in places and care about them…..”

ISOLA Delhi Chapter will be hosting the 9th Annual National Conference on February 28th and March 1st, 2014 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The conference theme is “A Sense of Place” and will highlight how globalization and urbanization are continually and often irreversibly changing our social and spatial context and negating cultural distinctness and nuance.

The most evocative and successful landscapes, are usually associated with a more discernible, or at times, sensory experience specific to that place. It may be the occurrence of a significant event, or its scenic qualities, historic/ religious or cultural associations or its place central to the social fabric of a city or neighborhood that ascribe it this character. It is dependent on the engagement of society with space and often enhanced by its representation in the arts- poetry, literature, movies, history, art, music and culture......

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8th ISOLA Annual Conference Bhopal 2012

The Place Of Nature In Tomorrow’s City

The 8th Annual Conference of The Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) was held this year on 31st August and 1st September 2012 at the Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, Bhopal.

The previous conferences have been held annually over the last six years at Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Goa and Ahmedabad with significant international participation. For this conference, ISOLA was supported by the Department of Architecture, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology and Scool of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal.

There was participation of about 350 people from India and overseas. The theme this year “THE PLACE OF NATURE IN TOMORROW’S CITY” sought to address the value of natural elements in urban and rural environments, and the economic, social and environmental benefits they provide. The conference aimed to focus on the issues and processes of integrating the natural environment into healthy sustainable urban centres from cultural, socio-political, and planning perspectives with examples from our past and present.

Being the Honorary Secretary of ISOLA, I got the priviledge to commence the proceedings by welcoming everyone at the Inaugral session. Rohit Marol, ISOLA President, then introduced the theme and welcomed the Chief Guest, Sh. Jayany Mallaiya, Hon’ble Minister for Water Resources and Environment, Governement of MP and all delegates and guests. Following the symbolic lighting of the lamp, the Minister commended the relevance of the theme in his address. He also mentioned that the MP Govt. was working on a Master plan for the waterbodies of Bhopal with the help of SAP, Ahmedabad and assured that the govt will not allow any encroachment on the catchment of the lakes and sought the help of citizens in saving the environment besides the Madhya Pradesh government.......




6th ISOLA Annual Conference GOA 2010

Leveraging Leisure: Landscapes and Well Being

Venue: Kala Akademi, Panaji, Goa,

The conference explored questions such as the change in the meaning and interpretation of the term ‘leisure time’ and ‘leisure activity’ and what it has come to signify for landscape architecture as a profession. The degree of integration and inclusiveness of leisure spaces with the built and natural fabric in the past and present was also examined.


  • Keynote Speaker- Prof. EFN Ribeiro- Planner and Academician
  • Chairs- Mr. Jayant Dharap, Ms. Nina Chandavarkar, Mr. Ravi Punde, Mr. Mohan Rao.
  • Mr. Bill Bensley (Landscape Architect, Bensley Design Studio, Bangkok)
  • Mr. Shirish Beri (Architect)
  • Dr. Shyam Bhat M.D.
  • Mr. Richard Cass (Cass Associates, UK; CABE Commissioner)
  • Mr. Dean D’Cruz (Architect)
  • Ms. Shreya Gadepalli (Transport Planner, ITDP)
  • Prof. Ravi Hazra (Principal, Goa College of Architecture)
  • Mr. Nimish Patel (Architect)
  • Mr. Adit Pal (Landscape Architect, BFSLA, USA)
  • Mr. Nachiket Patwardhan (Architect and Filmmaker)
  • Mr. Manuel Peniche (Landscape Architect, GDU, Mexico)
  • Mr. Mohan Rao (Landscape Architect)
  • Ms. Margie Ruddick (Landscape Architect, USA)
  • Dr. Uma Vaidya (University of Mumbai).......

5th ISOLA Annual Conference Delhi 2009

Instant Cities: Landscape, Infrastructure & Urban Form

The conference examined the consequences of rapidly expanding urban extensions on the urban fringe: 'Instant Cities' of a kind, which outpace planning, civic administration and infrastructural provisions.


  • Mr. Michael E Arth (USA)
  • Ms. Suchandra Bardhan (Landscape Architect and academician)
  • Prof. I.M. Chisti (Architect and academician)
  • Mr. Jayant Dharap (Landscape Architect)
  • Dr. Vinod Gupta (Architect and academician)
  • Mr. Prashant Hedao (Landscape Architect)
  • Ms. Mary Miss (Environmental artist, New York)
  • Dr. Dinesh Mohan (Transport expert and Prof of Biomechanics, IIT Delhi)
  • Mr. Dennis Pieprz (Sasaki Associates, USA)
  • Mr. Sunand Prasad (RIBA President, Penoyre and Prasad LLP, UK)
  • Mr. Leonard Lynch (Clouston Associates, Australia)
  • Mr. Samir Mathur (Landscape Architect and academician)
  • Mr. Phillip Rode (Urban Age, London School of Economics and Political Sciences, UK)
  • Prof. M. Shaheer (Landscape Architect and academician)
  • Prof. Christopher Vernon (Australia)

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4th ISOLA Annual Conference Chennai 2008

Responsive and Responsible Landscape Planning

Venue: Taj Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai.


  • Dr. Bhalwalkar (Environmentalist, BERI)
  • Mr. Sunil Joshi (City Framing expert)
  • Mr. Akshay Kaul (Landscape Architect)
  • Ms. Nupur Prothi Khanna (Landscape Architect)
  • Mr. Senthil Kumar (Landscape architect)
  • Ms. Diane Menezies (IFLA President, Landscape Architect, New Zealand)
  • Mr. Mohan Rao (Landscape Architect)
  • Dr. Rukkumany (Landscape architect and academician)

3rd ISOLA Annual Conference Pune 2007

Public Spaces: Experience and Expressions.

Venue: Garden court, Pune, Maharashtra

The conference examined the role of public spaces, especially the open spaces in the city and to focus on the values of public spaces and the myriad overlaps and interweaves that create a multi-faced, multifaceted, multilayered potpourri of usage, behavior, culture, architecture, and art.

The conference addressed the need to look beyond conventional approaches to landscape planning and design, with an emphasis on understanding and integrating facets of culture, ecology and place.


  • Mr. Christopher Benninger (Architect and academician)
  • Mr. James Hayter (Principal Oxigen, Australia)
  • Mr. Prahlad Kakkar (Media)
  • Mr. Subodh Kerkar (Artist)
  • Prof. Kulbhushan Jain (Architect and academician)
  • Mr. Peter Latz (Landscape Architect, Germany)
  • Mr. Tong Mahn Ahn (IFLA Vice President, Asia Pacific Region, Landscape Architect, Korea)
  • Ms. Anuradha Mathur (Landscape Architect and academician, USA)
  • Ms. Diane Menezies (IFLA President, Landscape Architect New Zealand)
  • Prof. KT Ravindran (Urban Designer and academician)
  • Ms. Martha Schwartz (Landscape Architect, USA)
  • Prof. M. Shaheer (Landscape Architect and academician)

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2nd ISOLA Annual Conference Bangalore 2006

Navigating The Crossroads: Landscape Architecture in India

The conference explored the different directions that ISOLA, the profession and Indian landscape architects could take in the future.


  • Dr. Jusna Amin (Landscape Architect and academician, Indonesia)
  • Mr. Edgar D’Mello (Architect)
  • Mr. Colin Franklin (Landscape Architect, Andropogon Associates, USA)
  • Dr. S.V.P. Halkatti (Archaeological Survey of India)
  • Mr. Girish Karnad (Playwright, Author and academician)
  • Ms. Renee Lambert (Landscape Architect, New Zealand)
  • Mr. Christian Lapie (Landscape Artist, France)
  • Prof. AGK Menon (Architect and academician)
  • Prof. R. Nagendran (Ecologist)
  • Mr. Ravi Punde (Urban Designer)
  • Mr. Kiran Venkatesh (Architect)

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