Research Initiatives

The ISOLA Resource Center would like to support relevant research and/or documentation projects which will help create a database useful for the profession. The objective is also to prepare strategies for the development if necessary. Please download the documents below to learn more about this initiative.

Members interested in taking up any project of relevance may send their detailed proposal to
The proposal should include methodology, time frame & the cost estimate. Members may also suggest research and/or documentation projects of relevance. It is only with your participation & support, that we can create a valuable resource for all of us.

Guidelines: Research Work To Be Undertaken On Behalf Of ISOLA

Members of ISOLA, an individual, group of people, firm who intend to do research, design oriented projects on behalf of ISOLA in public realm relevant to preserving environment, ecological habitat, open spaces are invited to send a brief report to the ISOLA Resource Centre.

The aim is to ensure these significant landscapes, public and historic spaces, gardens, ecological habitats are recognised by the relevant authorities and maintained and improved for greater public participation and are not lost to pressures of authorities for commercial and other land use. On completion of the report, possible presentation to the authorities on behalf of ISOLA for possible collaboration.

The brief report to include:

  1. The topic of research, design
  2. Location, scope and size, site and its context,
  3. Program, intent methodology,
  4. Environmental impact and concerns,
  5. Public concerns
  6. collaboration with owner, public and other designers, and
  7. other significant issues.
  8. Estimated budget, time frame required for research, projectFor sending research / design proposal refer Research proposal format document.

This will be evaluated by a committee of eminent landscape architects.

On approval, suggestions by the committee individual, group of people, firm will undertake the design, research work. The committee may want to take interim reviews during the project tenure.

ISOLA will fund the design, research work . On completion of research, design it will be accessible for all ISOLA members for reference.

Topics may include:

  1. Campus planning and design
  2. Historic preservation
  3. Parks and recreation
  4. Ecological Habitats
  5. Reclamation and restoration
  6. Urban Public Spaces
  7. Water Resources and its Conservation
  8. Cultural Landscapes
  9. Creating archive of significant drawings
  10. Documentation of Iconic landscapes


  1. Identify and record different kind of open spaces in the city.
    1. Small Neighbourhood parks
    2. District parks
    3. Regional Parks
    4. Farm lands
    5. Public Urban Areas
    6. Historical Areas
    7. Water Resources
    8. Lakes
    9. Rivers
    10. Water bodies
    11. Drainage Channels
    12. Protected Areas
    13. Forest Areas
    14. Wetlands
    15. Ecological important areas
  2. Important infrastructure facilities
    1. Offices
    2. Market Places- Formal,Informal
  3. Designated Master Plan Land use
  4. Possible Linkages
    Identifying and naming each link with land use, functions of the area.
  5. Example of Design for identified green to explain possible linkage in urban situation to
    protect open public spaces, greens.



Institutional Research

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Member Research Scholarship

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