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The Indian Society of Landscape Architects collects information on its members as supplied by its members. The purpose for collecting this information is to assist with accomplishing the society’s stated aims and objectives for the benefit of its members. ISOLA may from time to time use a member’s personal information to contact the member about promotional offers and services related to the Society.

Membership information is not used for or released for product marketing purposes or similar reasons. In general, membership information is not disclosed to outside parties. A particular member’s work phone contact information may be made available for reasonable reasons such as potential clients wishing to make contact with particular members.

ISOLA releases member’s mail information to allied professional journals and professional associations for mailings related to awards events, seminars, and other established functions. This information is passed to these other parties for specific events or mailings on the understanding that the information is not stored or used for any other marketing or other mailing purposes.


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