The Delhi Chapter of ISOLA encompasses the Northern States of India and currently has 140 members. The purpose and passion of this Chapter is to work for the advancement of the landscape profession as an instrument of service in the public welfare through various means; advocacy, education, communication, and fellowship.

The Chapter holds many events throughout the year that provide education and networking opportunities between members and also with allied professionals; offering every member an opportunity to participate and engage with the activities of the Chapter.

Formed In: 2010
Number of Members: 144
Present Term: 2018-2020
Next Election: March 2020

News & Current Events

Learnings Unlearnings: Revisiting Landscapes

Venue: Modi Hall, PHD Chamber of Commerce, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi
Date: 30th March, 2019
Time: 3:00pm

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Cultural Landscapes: Sacred Landscapes in India

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Our first ISOLA Delhi Chapter walk of this season to the forest of Mangarbani, showed us how landscapes are invested with meanings, and the role ecology plays, in the establishment of a Sacred Forest.

Cultural Landscapes of a region describe an ‘intellectual landscape’; a landscape that consists of a collection of spiritual, cultural and corporeal meanings ascribed to its geographical components, through collective memory, rooted in the place, and shaping the ground in real world and real time. Such landscapes are always in active engagement with communities over generations, empowering and transforming nature and land, from physical to the metaphysical. These Landscapes are then perceived as Sacred.

The Delhi Chapter of the Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) cordially invites you to Cultural Landscapes: Sacred Landscapes in India, an Afternoon event being held on the 8th of December, 2018 at the INTACH MULTIPURPOSE HALL, Lodhi Road.

The talks and presentations being planned at this event by prominent speakers and also some young graduates with backgrounds in Conservation, Landscape Architecture, History and Research, will explore, how geography has formed the canvas on which the Indian sacred-perspectives and traditional knowledge, were conceptualised, practised and celebrated. The talks will also discuss how conflicts arise and could be addressed in our land of immense cultural plurality and diversity. These conflicts create an ever-changing and dynamic relationship that are usually at cross purpose, and impact our natural resources adversely.

The details of the speakers are as follows:

1. Professor Amita Sinha Ghats on the Ganga in Varanasi: A Sustainable Design Approach.
2. Dr.Yaaminey Mubayi Water and Sacred Landscapes in Ellora-Khuldabad-Daulatabad.
3. Dr. Shikha Jain Kanzhendzona Associative Tibetan Buddhism landscape (world heritage site), Ajmer- Dargah and cityscape, Pushkar -Brahma Temple and Sarovar.
4. Shubhangi Desai & Baitaliki Sarkar Studio Work by M.L.Arch 2018 Batch on Govardhan Parbat.


The presentations will be followed by a Panel discussion chaired by Professor AGK Menon.


3-00 to 3-30 pm Delhi Chapter meeting for ISOLA members.
3-30 to 6pm Main Event

Please block this afternoon and join us for an invigorating session of talks by some amazing speakers

Kindly note that the Delhi Chapter meeting will be held just before our event (with a short Tea Break between the two), You are cordially invited to participate in the DC Meeting (Separate Notice and Invites being sent for same).

Warm Regards

Jasleen Waraich Chhitiz Gupta
Honorary Chairperson
Honorary Secretary
ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter
ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter

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