Education Board

Objectives of ISOLA Education Board

  1. Monitoring and improving LA education in India
    1. Approval of New MLA programmes in the country to be admitted as ISOLA members and monitoring of annual reports from approved programmes
    2. Frame guidelines for teaching LA programmes & for teaching Landscape in B. Arch. programmes
  2. Fostering Research and Scholarship in LA
  3. Providing Continuing Education to professionals
  4. Strengthening the Education-Practice interface
  5. Providing an Information Resource for the profession
  6. Organizing student competitions

Previous Education Board Workshop

The ISOLA Education Board had an intense and productive 2-day working session before the AGM on the 25th and 26th of August 2016. Among the topics discussed and worked on were:

  1. ISOLA Recognition Standards and Procedures for nation-wide MLA Programme
    (Savita Punde, Deepa Maheshwari and Savita Raje)
  2. Framework of teaching Landscape Architecture in B.Arch. courses
    (Abhijit Natu, Rohit Marol and Nikhil Dhar)
  3. Research projects sponsored by ISOLA
    (Abhijit Natu and Sachin Jain)
  4. Thrust areas for Research
    (Abhijit Natu, Sachin Jain, Saurabh Popli and Nikhil Dhar)
  5. Future working on the feasibility of BLA programs
    (Savita Raje)
  6. Workshops for teachers of MLA programs
    (Saurabh Popli, Abhijit Natu and Sachin Jain)
  7. Finalisation of brief for the Mohammed Shaheer ISOLA Trophy
    (Nikhil Dhar)
  8. Naming of Prabhakar Bhagwat Student Award for the Best MLA Thesis

Upcoming Education Board Workshop

The ISOLA Education Board has planned an intense working session on the 18th of August, 2017 before the AGM. Among the topics that are to be discussed and worked upon are:

  1. Final Review
    1. Eligibility Standards and Procedures for post-graduate LA programs
      (Priyaleen Singh, Sachin Jain, Sridevi Rao, Varsha Gavandi)
    2. Teaching LA in B.Arch. courses
      (Abhijit Natu, Shilpa Chandawarkar, Sridevi Rao)
  2. Continuing work on
    1. Research initiatives through ISOLA
      (Abhijit Natu, K. Balachandran, Priyaleen Singh, Sachin Jain)
    2. Workshops for LA Teaching faculty
      (Saurabh Popli, Sridevi Rao, Varsha Gavandi)
  3. Beginning work on
    1. Framework for a Continuing Education program
      (Abhijit Natu, Nikhil Dhar)
    2. Developing and defining roles for the ISOLA Resource Centre
      (Swati Sahasrabuddhe, Varsha Gavandi)
    3. Brain-storming on what else the EB needs to do
      (Nikhil Dhar, Saurabh Popli, Shilpa Chandawarkar, Swati Sahasrabuddhe)
    4. Student competitions (including the M Shaheer NASA trophy)
      (Nikhil Dhar, Shilpa Chandawarkar)
    5. Eligibility of L S Raheja Master’s program for ISOLA membership
      (Priyaleen Singh, Sachin Jain, Sridevi Rao, Varsha Gavandi)

Careers In Landscape Architecture

What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architecture encompasses analysis, planning, design and management of both the built and natural environment. Of all the design professions, landscape architects perhaps have the most pertinent training and experience for synthesizing human civilization and natural ecosystems to maintain a healthy and stable environment.

What do Landscape Architects do?

Landscape architects work at various levels that range from designing small gardens and parks to large scale city and regional planning. They also contribute towards the restoration of disturbed natural places such as forests, stream corridors, and wetlands. Landscape Architects are also trained to appreciate and contribute towards the preservation of historical and cultural landscapes.

Landscape Architects, along with related professionals like Architects, Urban designers, Planners, and Civil Engineers are to a large extent responsible or most of our planned environment. Landscape architects in particular will play a key role in a fast developing and changing India.

There is a wide range of opportunities for landscape architects such as the development and preservation of open spaces, recreational areas, infrastructure, wildlife refuges and zoos, hotels and resorts, real estate development and housing to name a few examples.

Recognised Educational Institutions

Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad

  1. CEPT, Ahmedabad offers a post-graduate degree in Landscape Architecture and a undergraduate degree in Landscape Design.
  2. Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, University Road
    Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009, Gujarat
    Tel: +91-79-26302470, 26302075

Dr. Bhanuben College Of Architecture for Women (BNCA), Pune

  1. BNCA offers a post-graduate Masters of Architecture (M. Arch) degree in Landscape Architecture.
  2. Cummins Engineering College Campus
    Karve Nagar
    Pune – 411052
    Tel: +91-20-25476966, 25474062, 25474438
    Fax: +91-20-25474437

School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University (SAP), Chennai

  1. SAP Chennai offers a post-graduate degree in Landscape Architecture.
  2. Anna University
    Sardar Patel Road, Chennai 600025, Tamil Nadu
    Tel: +91-44-22352341, 22203700, 22201226, 22351323
    Fax : +91-44-22201421

School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi

  1. SPA, Delhi offers a post-graduate degree in Landscape Architecture.
  2. 4-Block-B, Indraprastha Estate
    New Delhi 110002
    Tel: +91-11-23702375, 23702376
    Fax. +91-11-23702383
    Admissions: +91-11-23724383,,

School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), Bhopal

  1. SPA, Bhopal offers a post-graduate degree in Landscape Architecture.
  2. Neelbad Road, Bhauri,
    Bhopal – 462030
    Tel: 91-979042204, 9755590393, 9685092821