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Discussion on Central Vista Development Plan

Central Vista project: An ISOLA + IUDI discussion with Dr. Bimal Patel

Monday, 27th January 2020 at 6:30 in PHD House, New Delhi

A presentation and discussion on the Central Vista project at PHD House, New Delhi on Monday, 27th January, 2020. The meeting was jointly convened by ISOLA, Delhi NCR Chapter and IUDI, Delhi NCR Chapter for members only.

The program began with a presentation by Dr. Bimal Patel, HCP Architects on the proposed scheme. ISOLA President, Sujata Kohli and IUDI member Anurag Chowfla moderated the discussions.

This meeting was a part of the process initiated by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) to have open consultations with professional bodies and other stakeholders on this project. And in line with the ISOLA’s recommendation to share details with interested professionals and the public.

Check out the video.. Click Here  !!
For ISOLA members only!!



Indian Society of Landscape Architects, Delhi NCR Chapter is honoured to dedicate our Extended Learning Series in the memory of our Guru, Professor Mohammad Shaheer.

This November, as part of this ongoing Learning Series, we invite you to an evening Workshop for outdoor lighting design, “LIGHTSCAPE DESIGN 102” curated by renowned Lighting Designer Linus Lopez, who will talk about outdoor lighting design and share with us his hands- on knowledge about the tools needed to develop outdoor lighting installations.



SESSION 01: Presentation + Q&A:

Design Thoughts: Short presentation by Linus Lopez on Lighting Design & and Innovative Thinking. This will be followed by introduction to the groups and task assignment

SESSION 02:  Hands-On workshop:  60-90 minutes

Workshop: Working with Eyes+ Hands + Brain

SESSION 03Composition Sharing:  30-45 minutes

Presentation: Introducing Mr. Light!

SESSION 04: Conclusions: 30-45 minutes

Closing comments on how to tie the various elements together.


The event is being organized, in one of Delhi’s best-known heritage gardens, the Sundar Nursery.  Its extended grounds were part of the restoration works undertaken by the Nizamuddin Urban Renewal Initiative, with the landscape Master Plan for environment development being prepared by Shaheer Associates, in close consultation with the CPWD – AKTC project team.

We look forward to your presence and enthusiastic participation.

Date:    Friday, 22ndNovember 2019,

Time:    6:00 p.m. sharp

Venue: The Amphitheatre, Sundar Nursery Gardens, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi


Entry by Registration only.

Registration Charges:

ISOLA Members and Non ISOLA Student members       Rs. 500/-

Student ISOLA members                                                       Rs. 200/


Please mark your calendars and do RSVP to confirm your attendance/ registration confirmation via email to

ISOLA Delhi Chapter is also on Facebook at Please do follow, share and contribute to our social media presence. We look forward to engaging within the landscape architecture fraternity.

Please note that the event will be preceded by the ISOLA Chapter meeting which is being organised at the same venue and an hour before the event.

Looking forward to a great evening,

Best regards,

Jasleen Waraich Chhitiz Gupta
Honorary Chairperson
Honorary Secretary
ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter
ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter


Past News & Events


Towards A Blue Green City

Towards A Blue Green City

ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter’s Extended Learnings One-O-One Series | Water In The City 101

Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Saturday, 13th July, 2019

Afternoon 3:00 pm – 6:00pm


Learnings Unlearnings: Revisiting Landscapes

Venue: Modi Hall, PHD Chamber of Commerce, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi
Date: 30th March, 2019
Time: 3:00pm


Cultural Landscapes: Sacred Landscapes in India

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Our first ISOLA Delhi Chapter walk of this season to the forest of Mangarbani, showed us how landscapes are invested with meanings, and the role ecology plays, in the establishment of a Sacred Forest.

Cultural Landscapes of a region describe an ‘intellectual landscape’; a landscape that consists of a collection of spiritual, cultural and corporeal meanings ascribed to its geographical components, through collective memory, rooted in the place, and shaping the ground in real world and real time. Such landscapes are always in active engagement with communities over generations, empowering and transforming nature and land, from physical to the metaphysical. These Landscapes are then perceived as Sacred.

The Delhi Chapter of the Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) cordially invites you to Cultural Landscapes: Sacred Landscapes in India, an Afternoon event being held on the 8th of December, 2018 at the INTACH MULTIPURPOSE HALL, Lodhi Road.

The talks and presentations being planned at this event by prominent speakers and also some young graduates with backgrounds in Conservation, Landscape Architecture, History and Research, will explore, how geography has formed the canvas on which the Indian sacred-perspectives and traditional knowledge, were conceptualised, practised and celebrated. The talks will also discuss how conflicts arise and could be addressed in our land of immense cultural plurality and diversity. These conflicts create an ever-changing and dynamic relationship that are usually at cross purpose, and impact our natural resources adversely.

The details of the speakers are as follows:

1. Professor Amita Sinha Ghats on the Ganga in Varanasi: A Sustainable Design Approach.
2. Dr.Yaaminey Mubayi Water and Sacred Landscapes in Ellora-Khuldabad-Daulatabad.
3. Dr. Shikha Jain Kanzhendzona Associative Tibetan Buddhism landscape (world heritage site), Ajmer- Dargah and cityscape, Pushkar -Brahma Temple and Sarovar.
4. Shubhangi Desai & Baitaliki Sarkar Studio Work by M.L.Arch 2018 Batch on Govardhan Parbat.


The presentations will be followed by a Panel discussion chaired by Professor AGK Menon.


3-00 to 3-30 pm Delhi Chapter meeting for ISOLA members.
3-30 to 6pm Main Event

Please block this afternoon and join us for an invigorating session of talks by some amazing speakers

Kindly note that the Delhi Chapter meeting will be held just before our event (with a short Tea Break between the two), You are cordially invited to participate in the DC Meeting (Separate Notice and Invites being sent for same).

Warm Regards

Jasleen Waraich Chhitiz Gupta
Honorary Chairperson
Honorary Secretary
ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter
ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter


Delhi's Last Sacred Grove

27th October, 2018



Delhi’s Last Sacred Grove

ISOLA Delhi Chapter invites you to explore Mangarbani, Delhi’s last Sacred Grove. Will the unchecked expansion of Delhi Ncr swallow this ancient forest, now on the brink of extinction?


Delhi Walk 2018 Mangarbani - PDF


lightSpace Design One o One

ISOLA Delhi Chapter invites you to

lightSpace design
One o One

Curated by lighting designers:
Vinayak Diwan
Harmeet Singh Issar

Date: 25th August 2018
Time: 5:30pm
PHD Chamber of Commerce,
August Kranti Marg,
New Delhi


Convergence 2018: Landscape Design Narratives

The Delhi Chapter of the Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) cordially invites you to Convergence 2018: Landscape Design Narratives, an evening event being held on the 31st of March, at the India Habitat Centre.

The talks and presentations being planned at this event will attempt to explore the sources of inspiration and their transformation into ideas in the work of five outstanding designers.

A story of the initial divergence of ideas, the untold narratives of inner discussions and explorations that eventually converge towards the final creation. Our event is about these stories of convergence, often as intriguing as the landscapes themselves.

The 5 designers are

Savita Punde Landscape Architect, Delhi
Sujata Kohli Landscape Architect, Delhi
Viraj Chatterjee Landscape Architect, Hong Kong
Robert Verrijt
Brio Architects, Mumbai
Manish Gulati  Architect, Delhi


Walk Series Spring 2018

ISOLA  Delhi NCR Chapter warmly invites all members to it’s Walk Series for the spring of 2018. 

3rd February, 2018
Red Fort Walk led by Dr. Priyaleen Singh

24th February, 2018
Aravalli Bio Diversity Park led by Vijay Dhasmana

17th February, 2018
Sundar Nursery Walk led by Ratish Nanda with Padmavati Dwivedi


ISOLA Delhi Ncr 1st Idea Design Competition 2017

ISOLA Delhi Chapter is happy to announce its first IDEA DESIGN COMPETITION for students and graduate Isola members on a live site in collaboration with Delhi Development Authority , supported by Mosaico Corporation. 

The competition invites students to put forth their interpretations for the landscape design of an upcoming Transit Hub in Sector 9, Dwarka, Delhi. It is an attempt to understand how landscape design can help reclaim this city for people and how one can look at transit spaces beyond their role as movement corridors.

The challenge for participants is to re-examine this fragmented urban landscape and consider it instead as a resource, bringing creative and open interpretations to it so that it becomes a nodal hub, a destination for its users and visitors. We invite teams to share their vision for how such public spaces can be more strongly linked (both physically and in the perceptions of the users) with their neighboring communities and their existing natural and cultural resources.


October 14, 2017: Competition announced on ISOLA website
November 30, 2017: Last date for competition related enquiries
December 7, 2017: Clarifications on ISOLA website
February 5, 2018: Extended Last Date of Submission of Entries
Date of Jury – To be announced soon
Announcement of Results – To be announced soon

ISOLA Delhi Ncr Idea Design Competition Brochure 2017 - PDF

ISOLA Delhi Ncr Idea Design Competition 2017 Registration Form - PDF

ISOLA Delhi Ncr Idea Design Competition 2017 - SITE DETAILS - PDF


ISOLA Delhi Ncr Idea Design Competition 2017 - AUTOCAD FILE - PDF


Seminar - Transport Oriented Development - Role of Landscape in Shaping the New Urbanism

ISOLA Delhi Chapter is organising a Seminar on Transport Oriented Development (TOD) and the Role of Landscape Architecture in Shaping the New Urbanism and the creation of Resilient cities on the 7th of October this year.


Transportation corridors and facilities are major components of the nation’s landscape and public realm. The alignment, scale, and character of our thoroughfares play an integral role in determining urban form, development patterns, and importantly, also what  we call a sense of place.

In particular we wish to explore how integrating comprehensive transportation planning with natural systems analysis and land use planning is essential for creating livable communities in sustainable environments.  In Delhi , over the years, ever-expanding suburban fringe development and flyover building that entrenches and  intensifies car-dependency has meant an ever-growing percentage of city areas are being set aside to build roads.  This has resulted in the deterioration  in city character, environment and liveablity.

Does the answer lie in TOD and the New Urbanism it champions? This is an idea that has captured the imagination of many, in particular the city planners community  as an important comprehensive tool for a more sustainable urban life.

 Urbanism or Landscape Urbanism: which will serve our cities better? We do hope to get answers to some of these and other related issues through the presentations and panel discussions being planned for the event . We also hope to examine the potential for Indian cities to  develop visions for transit-oriented futures in a democratic framework in terms of both design quality and resilience.    The quality of urbanity created or enhanced by design intervention and the socio-spatial resilience embodied in high levels of urban amenity are also vital to consider in any TOD.


Remembering Prof Shaheer

This year end, ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) Delhi Chapter is paying a tribute to Professor M. Shaheer through 2 events at his cherished project sites.

Following the event at the Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram, Delhi, we are pleased to announce the second event, a visit to the Soka Bodhi Tree Garden, at Khurd Bilaspur, Off NH-8, Near Manesar, Haryana on Saturday, 17th of December, 2016.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to understand the philosophy of Buddhism as applied in the Garden which has been designed by Professor Shaheer.
Travel to the venue will be by Bus. This excursion (8am-5pm) will have the following:

• Short talk on the Garden and its philosophy, presented by Suneet Mohindru & Kavita Jain

• Walks around the main areas of the garden.

• Opportunities to explore the agrarian landscapes.

• Informal sketching session guided by Mahafuj Ali.

• Tea, Packed lunch

Participation is by registration only. Invite is open to all ISOLA members, their families and select invitees (Max 3 invitees per member) and to students of M.L.Arch
Participation cost is Rs. 1200/- ( Rs 600/- children and M.LArch students) . Details attached below.

Please do RSVP to confirm your attendance mentioning the names of your guests via email to rsvpevents.isoladelhichapte giving the details of payment as outlined.

Contact persons: Sujata Hingorani & Nidhi Madan

Join us on this trip. Explore this beautiful garden and understand how it reflects the spiritual philosophy of Buddhism.

Registration is by first come first serve basis. Hurry! 7 more days to go and Only 15 seats left!!!
We are going to share the bus route very soon to participants who have already registered.

Official Invitation Details - PDF

Delhi Chapter Bank Details For the Event - PDF


Remembering Prof Shaheer

Professor Mohammad Shaheer left behind an enormous legacy for the landscape profession in India; his huge body of work will always exemplify the very best in landscape design, his writings are enduring and his inheritance continues through the many students taught by him.

This November and December, ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) Delhi Chapter is paying a tribute to Professor M.Shaheer through a series of events at his cherished project sites.

REMEMBERING PROF.SHAHEER: A tribute is the first event at the Sanskriti Kala Kendra, Anandgram, New Delhi.

The event will begin with a talk by Dr. Priyaleen Singh on “Culture, Tradition, and Contemporary Indian Landscape Design: Mohammad Shaheer” at Sanskriti Kendra Auditorium.

This will be followed by a Walk around Sanskriti Kendra followed by a short visual presentation on Professor Shaheer.

Please do RSVP to confirm your attendance via email to


Walk Series 2016-17

The ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter Walk Series returns for the third time. As the weather in Delhi makes the outdoors inviting, the walks provides members and friends to step out on weekend mornings. The walks are held every two or three weeks and runs for about two hours. The walks arre a good opportunity for ISOLA members to explore the city through the eyes of senior landscape architects, architects and environmentalists. From historic precincts to designed parks, from an established forest to a nascent planned one, the series is a journey of discovery and engagement.

The first walk was held on October 1st, Saturday, 2016, with environmentalist Vijay Dhasmana through the Aravalli Biodiversity Park. Over the years, this walk has seen the emerging forest develop and grow, much to our delight.

The schedule for the rest of the series will be updated shortly. If you are interested in participating in a walk, do email us at


Eco Tourism and Eco Resorts: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward

Talks By Hitesh Mehta & Dean D’Cruz.

The event “Eco Tourism and Eco Resorts: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward” was organized at the India International Centre on the 23rd of July, 2016. It was the first in a series of events leading up to the 2017 ISOLA Annual Conference in Goa focusing on ‘Changing Climates and Evolving Landscapes’.

Hitesh Mehta, Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects (FASLA) from Florida, is a landscape architect with over 28 years of experience in Sustainable Ecotourism.

Dean D’Cruz, a Partner and Principal Architect in Mozaic Design Combine based in Goa, is involved in Urban Intervention, Architecture, Conservation, Product and Graphic Design.

The speakers through their presentations and panel discussion thereafter delved into innovations in design and operations of Eco-resorts and attempts to restore and protect our planet’s biodiversity in order to prevent land degradation, ecosystem imbalance, and food insecurity.The two presentations explored the symbiotic and complex relationship between the environment and tourism and translating this philosophy into appropriate policy, careful planning and tactful practicum.


Conference on 'Architects and the Smart City Mission'

Conference, Northern Chapter, The Indian Institute Of Architects(2016)

The Northern Chapter, The Indian Institute of Architects, in partnership with IIA Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and UP & Uttarakhand Chapters, organised a Northern Regional Conference – “Architects and the Smart City Mission” at PHD Chambers of Commerce, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi on the 11th & 12th of April 2016, to evolve strategies for a wider participation of architects in the Smart City Mission.

The objective of the conference was to provide a platform for professionals, academicians & industry to come together through research & practice to jointly evolve appropriate solutions to support the smart cities of the future.

The event was supported by ISOLA, and ISOLA Delhi Chapter members Minesh Parikh and Sujata Hingorani were speakers and ChairpersonJasleenWaraich participated in the panel discussion. The conference ended with a joint road map drafted by all the partner organisations in the conference which outlined the course of action for the year ahead. The event was attended by over a 350 participants. As a collaborative event, it marked the beginning of a new alliance to address common concerns.


Pecha Kucha Sessions: The Road Less Travelled

The third in a series of 20×20 sessions over two years, The Road less Travelled was held at the India International Centre on 1st of April, 2016. The five presentations on tours from across the world showcased how cities with violent histories adapt and evolve to changing circumstances, the vibrant architecture and streetscapes of a Columbian metropolis, open spaces of New York, the works of Sri Lanka’s most influential architect, and landscape as living spaces in the floating neighbourhoods and economies in Srinagar.


Sonali Bhagwati Eastern Europe and Pakistan
Nandita Parikh Works of Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka
Savita Punde Gardens of New York
Pradeep Sachdeva Bogota, Colombia
Gurmeet and Raghu Rai Floating Neighbourhoods, Srinagar




Annual Walk Series 2015-2016

The ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter Walk Series ran from September 2015-March 2016. It took place on weekend mornings, every two or three weeks and ran for about two hours. The walks were a good opportunity for ISOLA members to explore the city through the eyes of senior landscape architects, architects and environmentalists. From historic precincts to designed parks, from an established forest to a nascent planned one, the series is a journey of discovery and engagement.


1. Aravalli Biodiversity Forest (Mr. Vijay Dhasmana) on 26th Sep, 2015, Saturday
2. Red Fort (Dr.Priyaleen Singh) on 1st November 2015, Sunday
3. Hauz Khas Complex (Ms. Nupur Prothi Khanna) on 21st November, 2015, Saturday
4. Yamuna Biodiversity Park (Dr.Faiyaz Khudsar) on 5th December, 2015, Saturday
5. Garden of Five Senses (Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva) on 30th January, 2016, Saturday
6. Raj Ghat and Shakti Sthal (Prof. Samir Mathur) on 12th March, 2016, Saturday


Annual Walk Series 2014-2015

From October 2014- March 2015, the ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter Walk Series took place on weekend mornings, every two or three weeks and ran for about two hours. The walks were a good opportunity for ISOLA members to explore the city through the eyes of senior landscape architects, architects and environmentalists. From historic precincts to designed parks, from an established forest to a nascent planned one, the series was a journey of discovery and engagement.

1. Garden of Five Senses (Mr. Pradeep Sachdeva) on 2nd Nov, 2014, Sunday
2. Lodhi Heritage Area (Prof. Samir Mathur) on 15th Nov, 2014 Saturday
3. Humayun’s Tomb World Heritage Site (Prof. Mohammad Shaheer & Mr.Ratish Nanda) on 29th Nov, 2014, Saturday
4. Central Ridge (Mr. Vijay Dhasmana) on 14th Dec, 2014, Sunday
5. Safdarjung Tomb and Gardens (Dr.Priyaleen Singh) on 10th Jan, 2014, Saturday
6. Aravalli Biodiversity Forest (Mr. Vijay Dhasmana) on 14th Feb, 2014, Saturday



Working in Mumbai

A Talk By Prof. Rahul Mehrotra (2015)

In an attempt to contribute to the vision of the government towards building an equitable and sustainable urban environment, ISOLA is committed to engage with thinkers and practitioners who can ‘make a difference’ to Indian cities. ISOLA, Delhi-NCR hosted a talk ‘Working in Mumbai’ by Prof. Rahul Mehrotra , Chair of the Department of Urban Design and Planning at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, on July 25th, 2015 at the India International Centre. Prof. Mehrotra reflected on the city and described how he came to make several critical choices in his work to address the times and attitudes expressed in a paralyzing multiplicity of architectural influences.


Pecha Kucha Sessions: Travels (2014) and Travels 2 (2015)

In keeping, with a year-long endeavour to capture a sense of place, (the theme of the 9th Annual National Conference) albeit on a lighter note, a 20X20 session was hosted with the GBM at the IIC Annexe on December 18th , 2014, evening. It is a presentation style wherein 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (six minutes and 40 seconds in total), the format, allows presentations to be concise and fast-paced, allowing multiple presentations in a short span of time.

The enthusiastic response to ‘Travels’, on December 18th, 2014 led to its sequel ‘Travels 2’ on 9th March 2015. The sessionsincluded inspired presentations on a whirlwind tour across the world from the bustling metropolises to sunny beaches, the countryside and historic pilgrimage sites. With much to ponder and pause about the ways cities integrate multimodal transit; landscapes engage within and without; the journey of the humble tomato; shades of green; and, context and common sense.


Akshay Kaul Fragile Ecologies – Kashmir Floods 2014
 Ayla Khan  Jodhpur and Jaisalmer: In the land of blue and golden cities
 Bhavika Mehta  Barcelona: Many Faces, Many Lives
 Minesh Parikh  The Story of The High Line
 Nikhil Dhar  New Delhi 110016: some lesser-known monuments
 Priyamvada Bugga  Living on the Edge – A perception
 Shree Naik  Graphite Walks
 Sujata Kohli  Travel to Kailash Mansarover
 Sushil Khandelwal  Those Wondrous Kilometers: Landscapes of Ladakh
 Vijay Dhasmana  Threatened Wilderness of the NCR
 Abhishek Sharma  Pasticulture- Campo de Dalias
 Aditya Advani  Fifty Shades of Green
 Lucas Rocha  Travels through Croatia
 Jasleen Waraich  Dilli Meri Jaan
 Madhup Mazumdar  Floating Mountains
 Nupur Prothi Khanna  Culture, Context and Common Sense
 Pankaj Jain  The Holy Land
 Pratima Marwah  Resorts of Phuket and Sri Lanka
 Samir Mathur  Journeys Within and Without
 Santosh George  Singapore Landscapes
Sujata Hingorani Multimodal Integration


Reading the Historic Landscape: A collaboration with ICOMOS India

A collaboration between ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter and ICOMOS India (National Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes), the event ‘Reading the Historic Landscape‘ was held on Saturday, 27th September 2014 at the India International Centre (IIC) Annexe.

The half day event explored unique perspectives in reading, comprehending and engaging with the context with experts from realms other than our own to absorb the nuances of natural, cultural and historic landscapes and to set the stage for an the exchange of ideas and between landscape architects, heritage conservationists and associated disciplines.

It included a distinguished panel of a cartographer, Dr.ManosiLahiri; an ecologist, Dr P.S. Ramakrishnan; and an urbanist, Dr.Jyoti Hosagrahar.

In a short but intense journey into the natural with the footprint of the cultural two poignant movies by filmmaker Sushmit Ghosh were played– Timbaktu and Dilli. The planning and organization was led by one of Delhi Chapter Members, Ms. Nupur Prothi Khanna, ably supported by the ISOLA Delhi managing committee, students and volunteers.

The event was attended by over a hundred-and-twenty eight participants. The coming together of the disciplines of map-making, ecology and historic revitalisation made this session quite meaningful. The presence of professionals and students ensured the discussion was well rounded with takeaways for all levels of experience and exposure.


Confluence 2013

Confluence was hosted by the ISOLA Delhi NCR Chapter and the Institute of Urban Designers, India in association with the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at the India Habitat Centre. Confluence 2013 brought together a diversity of planning and design professionals including landscape architects, urban designers, architects, and allied professionals, in an effort towards addressing contemporary concerns in the creation, place-making and preservation of healthy living environments. With an attendance of over 250 professionals, and an illustrious group of presenters and panelists, the day-long event was a much lauded attempt to bridge the divide between disciplines.


Sacred Water


Water as a Priceless Resource
Dr Vikram Soni

Symbolism and Culture
Jatin Das / Morna Livingston

Session 2 :

Water as renewable resource
Farhad Contractor

Water in contemporary landscape design
Varsha Gavandi / Anuj Malhotra

Panel Discussions
M. Shaheer / Nupur Prothi Khanna / Speakers from sesioons 1 & 2


The Tree & the City


At Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center, New Delhi


Landscape, Public Art & the City

Indian Society of Landscape Architects Delhi NCR Chapter organized a discussion forum on the theme of Landscape, Public Art & the City in December recently. The focus of the theme was Landscape Art as a message and the reactions and engagement of people with landscape and public art. The guest speakers were from diverse disciplines of art, design and architecture including Pooja Sood, curator, contemporary art consultant, and director ‘KHOJ’; Amardeep Behl, artist; Pradeep Sachdeva, architect, involved in designing areas falling in public realm; Sudipto Ghosh, architect; Nandita Parikh, landscape architect; Arunava Dasgupta, architect and urban designer; and architect Vineet Kacker among others.

The presentations included a showcase of the works of art in parts of the country, case study of the public art festival ‘48 deg Public Art Ecology’ that was held in December 2008 in Delhi and also examples of such works from other countries. Various design aspects of public arts like engagement of observer and the environment and symbolism were also discussed during the forum is context of specific works by the speakers. Other issues discussed included the importance and significance of public art, making it more relevant, visible and meaningful.It was felt that it needs to be a collaborative process that should engage artists, art curators, designers, planners, citizens and agencies. Moreover, it should be conceptually and thematically responsive to its site and environs.



Chapter Initiatives– 2012-16

Meeting To Discuss Amendments To Architects’ Act (May 2014)

With reference to MHRD Order F.No. 4-52/2013-TS.VI issued on March 6th, 2014 regarding Constitution of a Committee to examine the comprehensive amendments in the Architects Act, 1972 as suggested by the Council of Architecture (COA), ISOLA Delhi Chapter sought to call attention to the significantly expanding role of Landscape Architecture Profession in India that requires distinct and specialized attention in the Act.

Currently, the Architects Act of 1972 covers the rules, regulations, scope of work and fee for the profession of Landscape Architecture in India. In the present context, the profession has matured, yet the Act does not comprehensively address the scope and magnitude of development and critical natural and physical resources the professional community engages with.

Mr. Sudhir Vohra was invited to discuss amendments to the architect's act and statutory requirements for isola to become a professional body. Mr. Vohra appraised the members that landscape architecture was excluded in the original Architect's Act, 1971 and the COA proposes to specifically list it as an exclusion, just like Urban Design, Interiors etc in the proposed amendment to Architect's Act. He further explained that COA is unlikely to change its stand hence any effort that landscape architects wish to make have to be made by them collectively on their own or under the ambit of ISOLA.

Mr. Vohra also made a presentation at the ISOLA AGM in Ahmedabad in August 2014, for the larger ISOLA membership.


Response To Report On The “Lutyens Bungalow Zone (LBZ) - Boundary And Development Guidelines DUAC (Delhi Urban Arts Commission), July 2015)

Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) proposed redefining the LBZ boundaries, to exclude later residential development, in Lutyen’s Bungalow Zone- Boundary and Development Guidelines”, submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development (Delhi Division) in 2015.

The areas recommended to be excluded from the LBZ comprise the transition area developments between the historic Lutyen’s Delhi, and the MPD areas administered by MCD, and the Central Ridge. Green corridors along the ridge, Sardar Patel Marg, and Panchsheel Marg as well as heritage precincts of Lodi Road, Aurangzeb and Prithviraj roads are key alignments from historic times that predate Lutyen’s Delhi. Their inclusion in the LBZ allowed architectural as well as historic street alignment, plantation and street design to define these important axes, within street, and edge controls.

In the DUAC report, area of cultural value shown is limited to the Rajpath corridor and the original scheme, not the wider footprint of the LBZ.

The Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) Delhi Chapter reviewed the Report onLutyens Bungalow Zone- Boundary and Development Guidelines”, submitted to the Ministry of Urban Development (Delhi Division), and issued for inviting objections/suggestions on 28th August, 2015.

As per the new Guidelines the character of the LBZ would change dramatically (to its detriment), with significant impact on the environment and character of Central Delhi. ISOLA Delhi Chapter submitted observations and objections to the report, prepared by DUAC for due consideration, through a landscape heritage perspective.

Press Mentions:


ISOLA Delhi Chapter Memorabilia (2016)

Based on the graphics designed by Mahafuj Ali for the Delhi Walk Series, T-Shirts, a Sipper and Mugs were designed to be made available for donations at the ISOLA conference in Bangalore and thereafter. This endeavor by ISOLA Delhi Chapter was a step towards creating some visibility for ISOLA. And, to create memorabilia for members to take home and share!

200 mugs (of HauzKhas, Safdarjung Tomb, Garden of 5 Senses and Central Ridge), 150 sippers and 200 T-Shirts were made available for donation at the ISOLA conference in Bangalore in January and at the Garden of Five Senses walk in Delhi in February.

Response to the memorabilia has been very positive and encouraging, with wonderful feedback from all- particularly for the sippers. At the conference, a number of members were eager to contribute their graphics to the initiative for the future.