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Thesis Open Day v2.0

The ISOLA Thesis Open Day, in collaboration with the INDIA INSTITUTE OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS (IIHS), was held in Bangalore on the 20th of August 2016. It was the second such event hosted by the ISOLA Bangalore Chapter, following its lasts year’s event, to nurture and discuss on the ideas of the landscape profession through academic cases. This year the notion of the event was conceptually expanded, allowing students from both undergraduate and post graduate courses to submit their thesis cases that intersected with the landscape profession at large. A two-stage selection process witnessed a fairly inter disciplinary collaboration of projects being submitted for the event, from which a total of 14 (Fourteen) cases were selected for the event.

What precipitated was an intense discussion on contexts from varied bio-climatic regions – ranging from Gujarat to Karnataka, from Mumbai to Jharkhand – each poignantly positioning their thesis to respond and reciprocate the landscapes of their selected region. Such an eclectic mix of projects also broadly aligned themselves to certain landscape associations – NATURAL, CULTURAL and the URBAN. A similar categorization was then established to consolidate the projects into sessions – with the primary focus on creating an effective and critical dialogue on the profession and less on the individual works of participating students.

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Past News & Events

Blue Rhymes Exhibition

LA Journal curated an exhibition on the occasion of the Annual conference of Indian Society of Landscape Architects held at Bangalore on 22- 23 January 2016.

BLUE RHYMES looked at built and unbuilt contexts, narratives from the past and present, examples in practice and academics and traditional practices from Indian subcontinent that have shown diverse thinking and values in maintaining an evolved and symbiotic relationship with water.

Touching upon the examples of use of water in traditional settlements and heritage precincts, showcasing water eco zones, outlining the relationship that the natural resource has shared with the community in regional harvesting systems and in few of the architectural expressions like step wells and linking the theme with the present day spatial design paradigm, the exhibition tries to bring together varied perspectives of looking at the idea in the realm of nature and culture.


Public Exhibition: Water and Society

The ISOLA Bangalore Chapter had organized a public exhibition Water and Society – the student interface in the city between the 21–23 of January 2016.

The exhibition was a collection of students’ works and their perspectives on the theme of the 11th ISOLA Annual Conference – Water and Society – expanding the blue revolution. The exhibition was an eclectic mix of ideas, strategies, visions, narratives as well as analytics of the notion of water and its correlation and interface with the urban and the society at large.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with BMSCE, Bangalore; MSRIT, Bangalore, UVCE, Bangalore, RVCA, Bangalore, the LANDSCAPE FOUNDATION of INDIA and LA Journal of Landscape Architecture.

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Professionals Speak: Curating Landscape Spaces

“Professionals Speak”- a platform where landscape architecture professionals of the city discussed the profession through key lenses of the discipline, was the second habba hosted by ISOLA Bangalore Chapter. The habba is meant to expose the varied engagement of the profession with the public. The event hosted in collaboration with the BMS College of Engineering, Basavangudi was targeted to provide students an overview of the landscape architecture discipline through professional works undertaken at various scales and geographies. The habba was structured to discuss on a broader understanding of the Landscape Architecture in the realm of 1. Landscape and Ecology; 2. Urban Landscapes and 3. Landscape Engineering.

Mr.Rohit Marol, principal TERRA FIRMA, was the first speaker of the afternoon, emphasizing the need for integrating landscapes as an experiential component to channelize and guide urban spaces. Mr. Marol structured his talk by collating a series of project vignettes to express the various physical and experiential connects that landscape can imbibe with the user based on typological articulation. Through his talk of exploring the potentials of landscape to give a character to urban spaces, one of the key highlights was understanding the temporal nature of urban space. His talk emphasized that though urban landscapes are designed for a specific expression, it had to have the capacity to adapt to changing demands and use of space based on user preferences.

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Thesis Open Day

The Thesis Open Day organized by the ISOLA (Indian Society of Landscape Architects) Bangalore Chapter at the IIHS (Indian Institute of Human Settlements), Bangalore was the first of the several Habbas (kannada term for events), that ISOLA Bangalore Chapter is hosting to engage the discipline in varied capacities with the public, as a lead up to the annual conference scheduled for January 2016.

The Thesis Open Day was primarily created as a platform for selected recently graduated students of Landscape Architecture discipline to present their thesis cases in order to give an overview of the scales, issues and methodologies that governs the academic groundwork for the Landscape Architecture profession

The Thesis Open Day evening witnessed presentations by 10 (ten) recent graduates, each positioning their areas of study in their native region that ensured an eclectic mix of contexts across the country ranging from sates of Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Punjab. Each thesis case was hypothesised on an environmental concern such as preparation of guidelines of iron ore mining; understanding of livelihoods related agriculture and cultural landscapes; rejuvenation of river systems to address ecological balance; assessment and conservation of wetlands, management of  natural resources within urban contexts to even understanding the new typology of urban parks addressing social and environmental inadequacies of 21st century as well as preservation of historical landscapes. (For details of each thesis case download synopsis document).

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